The Guide To The Reusable K-Cup |

The Guide To The Reusable K-Cup

The Guide To The Reusable K-Cup

In a time when we’re always looking for ways to reduce our waste and save some money in the process, nobody really thought about how that might affect our coffee. However, times are changing for our favorite beverage whether you take along a reusable cup to your local coffeehouse or have swapped to reusable K-cups in your home machine.

A refillable K-Cup is only really a recent trend but it’s one that many people are getting on board with. We’re going to investigate how much you can actually save using one of these accessories and how they differ when compared to your standard single-use pods.

Considering most of us drink at least one cup of coffee a day, this could be a simple change that we could all do to make a huge difference. With some more information on potential costs and other savings that this change offers, you’ll be in the best position to make the switch to a K-Cup reusable filter or continue with your single-use pods.

Can You Reuse A K-Cup?

Using K Cup

You might have noticed a feeling of waste every time you made a cup of coffee with a pod and threw it into the trash. Even though seemingly small, the bit of plastic that encases your ground coffee could add up over time and do some serious damage to the environment if we’re not careful.

Unfortunately, you’re not able to reuse a K-Cup and once the water has passed through it and it’s been pierced, you’ll need to dispose of it. This process was something that bothered those with an eco-conscious and thanks to their help, Keurig and other brands were able to create a reusable K-Cup that could solve all of these problems.

You can’t reuse any old K-Cup though, and if you want to make the switch to these refillable K-Cup products there are some things you’ll need to know. However, when done the right way there’s a potential to save money as well as the environment, so as responsible coffee drinkers we should know about all available options.

The Difference Between Single Use And Reusable Cups

When you make coffee with your standard K-Cup pod, you place it into the designated area, it punctures the foil cover, and then the hot water runs through it to extract the coffee. The result is a hot and delicious fresh cup of coffee that tastes like something you ordered at your local coffee house.

Although this process is certainly easy and it saves money when you compare it to buying yourself a coffee every day, the reusable K-Cups seem to be the new trend. These are refillable filters that fit into the coffee makers and should only be used for coffee, and never other drinks like hot chocolate or green tea.

To use your refillable K-Cup, you take the filter and open the sealed lid while holding the base. Fill it up with pre-ground coffee beans up to the designated line that you’ll see on the inside of the filter. Screw the lid back on and place it in the Holder Assembly of your machine, making sure you have lined it up correctly.

Operate your machine as always and the pressurized hot water will make its way through the filter and deliver you a cup of coffee. This means that you don’t have to throw anything away when you’re done, but you will need to clean out the filter so it’s ready for the next use.

Pros And Cons Of Reusable K Cups

Reusable K Cup Washing

To figure out whether the reusable route is the way to go for you, consider the pros and cons that come with this process. Here are some things to keep in mind when weighing up your options.



  • There is additional cleaning required, however, most reusable pods can be placed in the dishwasher
  • You’ll have to spend money buying ground coffee beans and learning how to fill it yourself
  • The process of filling a reusable cup takes a little longer than the single-use pods

How Much Can You Save?

The most obvious benefit of reusable K cups is the cost savings, and that’s what leads many people to make the switch. Depending on where you buy your pods, you could be spending between 50 cents and a dollar for one cup of coffee. Not only that, but you’ll be contributing to waste every time you do.

To purchase a refillable K-Cup will cost around $15, and you’ll then need to buy ground coffee beans also. It might seem like a bigger cost up front, but after a few weeks you’ll have recouped your money and a bag of ground coffee will last a long longer. When you’re only paying for coffee, the cost will drop to around 20 cents per cup.

Drinking Coffee On A Budget

Reusable K Cup

There are things to learn like how much coffee to put in a reusable K cup or where to line it up to get it just right, but once you’ve mastered it, reusable is the way to go. These filters are compatible with all types of Keurig machines and similar brands, so there’s really no excuse not to give them a go.

There’s no need to give up your daily coffee just to make a difference to the planet or save yourself some money. By learning how to use a refillable K-Cup you’ll have a huge impact on your finances and the environment, so it’s definitely worth making the switch.

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