Recycling Coffee Pods: How To Guide |

Recycling Coffee Pods: How To Guide

Recycling Coffee Pods: How To Guide

When coffee pods were first released, people were amazed at how much they could save us. Whether it was saving money from buying one at a coffee house each morning, saving time lining up and going to the store, or saving all of those disposable coffee cups that we threw out every day, it was obvious this was the better choice.

However, as the trend continued people start to wonder about the coffee pods themselves and whether they were recyclable. These small pieces of plastic saved so many other things but were they creating waste on their own? That’s when the issue of recycling coffee pods was first brought up.

Are Coffee Pods Recyclable?

Recycled Coffee Pods

Not all coffee pods are created equally and while there are some that can be recycled, many cannot. When you’re shopping for coffee pods you should take care to purchase brands that care about recycling efforts and have made their products so they can be disposed of carefully. They don’t cost any extra but will have a huge impact.

Reusable coffee pods are another trend that can stop the issue altogether, with many people making the switch. These are refillable filters that fit in your machine which you fill with ground coffee beans, therefore getting rid of the plastic casing altogether.

Are K-Cups Recyclable

For people who drink K-Cups exclusively, the good news is that they are recyclable. The brand has ensured that you’re able to recycle the parts of each pod and all you have to do is take them apart. By removing the plastic, aluminum, and filter, these can all be recycled separately however they can not be recycled if they’re still together.

While this might seem like a lot of effort, it can do a lot of harm if we don’t. it’s believed that an average of three million coffee pods are used each day and not many of them are recycled, so as a small thing we can do to make a difference then it really doesn’t take much time.

Doing The Right Thing For The Planet

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There’s no need to harm the environment just to enjoy a daily cup of coffee, even if you do use disposable K-Cup pods. K-Cup recycling couldn’t be easier to do and the brand has ensured that everyone is capable of doing their part, so as responsible citizens of the earth it’s something we should commit to.

Many people are making the switch to reusable coffee pods if they can’t take part in the K-Cup recycling program, and either way is a good approach. Whatever little thing we can do for the planet while not having to give up our morning cup of coffee is a smart move and something that will give you a sense of satisfaction inside.

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