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Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Review

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Review
Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker



Strong brew, Simple controls, Large water reservoir


Single serve


The Keurig k-select Coffee maker combines sleek design and more intuitive features to help you brew your perfect cup every single time

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If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time in the morning to get ready, you’ll want to manage your time better any way you can. There are some things we don’t want to give up from our routine though, and having a daily cup of freshly made coffee is one of them.

One way to save time when it comes to coffee is by investing in a machine for home and ditching the long lines and waiting at your local coffee house. Not only does this save time but you’ll find after a couple of weeks the coffee machine has paid for itself in the money you saved from buying professional coffee every day.

There are plenty of coffee makers out there but when time is your main concern, you need something that is truly automatic and can create your favorite drink in seconds. For this pleasure, you might be willing to pay a little extra, but as long as you get the right features and benefits it will surely be worth it.

Keurig is a master when it comes to coffee machines and their pods have pretty much changed the way people drink coffee at home. Their K-Select Coffee Maker is ideal for people with very little time but very high standards in taste, and we’re going to find out whether or not it’s worth all the fuss.

About The Product

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Options

When it comes to coffee pods, the most obvious brand that springs to mind for people is Keurig. The company has taken over the market for home coffee makers and tasty pods with many different flavors, and you likely already know someone with one of their machines at home.

The Keurig K-Select is a single serve coffee maker that is all about performance and it’s perfect for those who are only making coffee for themselves. As one of their more expensive single makers but one that creates coffee faster than the rest, people are happy to pay this extra price to get a fast and delicious drink every morning.

This Keurig comes with plenty of extras that you won’t get with most of their other machines, including a filter, water filter handle, and a six-pack of coffee pods. In addition to these extras, the K-Select itself has the following features:

  • Works with sizes 6 to 12 oz;
  • Compatible with many K-Cup pods and other brands;
  • Change settings for strong brew coffees;
  • Compatible with travel mugs and other cups;
  • Brews coffee in under a minute;
  • 52oz water reservoir makes five cups of coffee

Some pod coffee makers can take minutes just to heat up the water, and that’s not even including making the coffee. The Keurig K-Select gives you instant hot water and can complete the whole process in under a minute, so it’s the must-have device for people who want to save time in the morning.

What Others Say

The time it takes to make a cup of coffee is the major benefit of this machine and also how easy it is to do. All you do is insert a pod, press a button and it creates a piping hot coffee of your choosing in under 60 seconds. This is pretty hard to compete with and one of the reasons why they’re able to charge a little more for the K-Select.

For this price and considering it’s only a single serve machine, you might expect a built-in frother to be included in the machine. Unfortunately, you’ll need to spend even more money to get this accessory so the overall cost is quite high if you’re someone who prefers milk with their drinks.

The look and style factor of the Keurig K-Select makes it an obvious choice for people who care about appearances. It will look incredibly sleek sitting on your benchtop and you get six different colors choices to choose from. You can have a coffee maker that suits your home décor as well as something that’s totally practical as well.

What Others Say

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker Removable Drip Tray

If you’re looking for ways to save time in the morning but aren’t willing to give up a barista made coffee, you’ll want to know where you can get yourself a Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker.

Amazon has all of the Keurig products online and their price on this one is especially low at the moment. If you choose the black machine, you’ll get a huge discount of nearly 50% meaning it costs around $75.

For those who want another color, you can expect to pay around $140 for the machine, so if you don’t mind having black that’s obviously the money savvy option. Amazon will also ship your K-Select straight to your door and save you money on freight, so there are even more ways to spend less.

As this device doesn’t come with a frother, that’s an additional cost you’ll have to wear. However, Amazon has plenty of frothing accessories as well as the K-Cup pods for great prices so you can get all the of relevant Keurig gear you need.

The K-Select might be one of the most expensive single serve coffee makers on the market, but unfortunately, it’s only covered by a 12-month limited warranty. According to reviews, these devices can last many years, but that’s only if you take care of them correctly. For the cost, you’ll definitely want to spend some time making sure yours is looked after.

Final Verdict

For the ultimate coffee machine that saves time and increases taste, you can’t go past the Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker. This is a must have for people who enjoy a single cup of coffee but don’t have a lot of time to spare, and it will create a barista quality drink every morning.

Having your own coffee machine is just as common having a toaster these days, but you just need to choose the right one to meet your needs. If performance and time saving is something you look for in an appliance, you’ll definitely want to get yourself the Keurig K-Select by clicking on the button below.

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