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Types Of Coffee And Blends

Types Of Coffee And Blends

Coffee is something that is loved globally and enjoyed individually, with each person having their own special way that they like to make the drink. In all parts of the world we enjoy this beverage differently, but within the US there are some popular ways that everyone seems to agree on.

Ask any serious coffee lover and they’ll be able to tell you their favorite type of coffee and maybe even the types of coffee blends that they like. Once you know how they like their caffeine hit, you can usually tell a lot about their opersonality from it, or so people say.

The Different Types Of Coffee

Different Types Of Coffee

Coffee used to be quite a simple drink and all cultures around the world had their own way of enjoying it. Today in the US, there are some types of coffee that people commonly order or make for themselves. These are the most popular types of coffee you’ve probably heard about:

  • Espresso: The base to most coffee drinks, this is like a short black shot of pure coffee that can be enjoyed alone or mixed with milk and other ingredients
  • Mocha: For the sweet lovers, this is a mix between a hot chocolate and a cup of coffee so it’s quite decadent
  • Cappuccino: A cappuccino features milk and coffee with more milk than most drinks, and usually extra foam on top
  • Ristretto: This is like a short black in that it’s made with the same amount of coffee but not as much water, making it quite strong
  • Latte: Made with steamed milk and a shot of espresso, this is a sweeter drink due to the process the milk goes through to be heated
  • Short macchiato: Just like espresso but with a tiny drop of steamed milk added to the top. This helps to reduce some of the harsh taste of coffee alone
  • Flat white: This is popular in Australia and New Zealand, and making its way to the US. The flat white features a shot of espresso with as much milk as requested

Coffee Blends

Another important aspect of the coffee process is the blend. This refers to the beans that have been used to make the coffee and how they were roasted and prepared. Coffee tastes can differ quite a lot depending on the blend and even if you aren’t aware of what you’re drinking, your barista probably knows all about them.

A coffee blend is used to also describe the origin of where the beans were grown, and it’s common for them to feature more than one type mixed together, hence the term ‘blend’.

The two most popular species of coffee are Arabica and robusta which is the name of the types of coffee beans. Robusta is more expensive and generally believed to taste better, but some coffee drinkers prefer arabica.

An important thing to know about the coffee beans you’re using is how they were roasted as this will also impact their flavor. A light roast will develop a lighter bean whereas a dark roast will create a dark bean, and this is also true for their taste.

All of these factors work together in creating the taste and flavor of your coffee, and people will usually end up developing a preference for their favorite blend.

Types Of K Cup Coffee Blends

K Cups

K-Cup coffee has certainly come a long way from when it was first released. These days, there are virtually hundreds of different flavors and blends you can choose from. This means making barista quality coffee at home is easy to do and you’ll be guaranteed to never bore of your morning caffeine hit.

Finding out which is your favorite K-Cup blends are is part of the fun, but there are some popular choices you can start with to see what you like. Consider these if you’re looking for a new taste in your morning coffee and want to test out the capabilities of your K-Cup coffee maker.

  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend: This is a very light roast for people who prefer a milky cup of coffee. Made with 100% Arabica beans, it suits people who like to drink their coffee all day long without getting the jitters
  • Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast Decaf: For those who don’t like caffeine, this is the top pick for you. It’s not cheap but it tastes just like real coffee, all without the kick
  • Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast: Just the same as their decaf but with a caffeine kick included. This tastes as close to a coffeehouse as you’re going to get and has super bold flavors
  • The Original Donut Shop: If you love the taste of donut shop coffee and like to drink a few cups a day, this simple flavor will suit you just fine
  • Death Wish Coffee: As the name suggests, you should only drink this if you like your coffee strong, but also smooth. Robusta beans that come from fair trade organic farms and very dark indeed
  • Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend: This blend is right in the middle of strong and weak with a taste to please everyone. With a mixture of different beans, it’s got just the right balance of flavor

Delicious Tastes To Suit Everyone

Making A Coffee

There’s no need to visit a coffee house anymore to try out the different blends and beans the world has to offer or to see what a macchiato or flat white really tastes like. With a K-Cup coffee maker, it’s now possible to do it all yourself at home within minutes, and you’ll get plenty of chances to experiment with the tastes you like.

Coffee is an amazing thing and it should be enjoyed any way it can. Without exploring the different types of coffee drinks or tasting new blends, there’s no way to truly know what our favorite way of drinking coffee really is.



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