Your Coffee Maker Can Make More Than Just Coffee

Your Coffee Maker Can Make More Than Just Coffee

Your Coffee Maker Can Make More Than Just Coffee

While there’s no doubt that most people’s favorite drink is coffee, sometimes you might feel like a change. If you already own a K-Cup coffee maker you may not even realize that it’s possible to do more with it than your freshly brewed coffee each morning, but you definitely can.

We’re here to show you some other ways you can get some use out of your K-Cup machine including tea, hot chocolate, and even fancy barista-made drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. There are so many delicious drinks you can try out with your coffee machine so you can use it all times of the day and not just for a morning caffeine hit.

K-Cup Tea

Tea K Cups

Keurig saw a big hole in the market when their customers weren’t able to make tea with their machines and worked to change it. These days, there are many different tea varieties of K-Cups you can purchase including chai, green, chamomile, and standard black tea.

These pods feature dried tea leaves, just as you’d find in a tea bag, and use the hot water from the coffee maker to extract all of the flavors for you. It saves time with dunking a tea bag and waiting for the taste to be just right, so if you’re a tea fanatic this will certainly please you.

In addition to making a cup of tea with a pod, you can even use the hot water dispenser on your machine to give you instant hot water. This means making a regular cup of tea the old-fashioned way with a teabag can still be done, and it’s a lot quicker than waiting for the kettle to heat up.

K-Cup Hot Chocolate

You’ll be hard pressed finding someone who isn’t a hot chocolate fan and it’s especially good during the colder months. If you’ve had enough caffeine for the day you can actually purchase a K-Cup hot chocolate pod that will make instant and creamy chocolatey drinks for you to enjoy.

There are different flavors to choose from like Swiss chocolate and dark chocolate, and they come with powdered milk to give them the creamy taste. For extra smoothness, you can even froth up some milk with your machine and add it to the top for a true hot chocolate experience.

K-Cup Cappuccinos And Lattes

K Cup Latte

Some people use their coffee makers to create straight coffee drinks, and maybe even add in a dash of creamer at the end. However, to get the true barista experience you can use your K-cup pods to create seriously impressive drinks instead.

Whether you want to make a latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, or an espresso, all you need is your favorite blend in a K-Cup and the right gear.

Many of these milk-based drinks will require a frother, so if your coffee maker doesn’t have one attached you can easily purchase this as a separate accessory. The frothing of the milk adds a creamy texture and also makes the milk sweeter as it heats up, so you get twice the benefits.

Some K-Cups can create milky tasting drinks without having to froth your own milk, like the K-Latte range, but you have to shop for the right ones. They feature powdered milk that gives it a smooth and creamy taste without needing to add anything else, but some people might still prefer to do their own milk for a professional touch.

Tasty Drinks For Every Occasion

K-Cup brewers aren’t just for making plain old coffee anymore, unless that’s your favorite type. You can mix and match whatever drinks you might be feeling like including hot tea, hot chocolate, and even a piping hot latte.

There’s really no end to how you can enjoy your coffee maker, even just frothing up some hot milk for a calming bedtime drink or using its instant hot water supply. They’ve really come a long way from the first basic designs and are now a multifunctional kitchen appliance.

A K-Cup coffee machine is a serious investment and something that people consider for a long time before taking the leap. Once you realize that it’s not only coffee you can make with these appliances though, they certainly become more enticing as a kitchen device that will get a lot of use from all members of the family.

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